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I have been living in Japan for over 10 years. I started out as a fairly shy guy when I first moved to Japan, and as I got older and the longer I lived in the country it slowly became more easy for me to pick up Japanese women.

Knowing more Japanese language certainly helped, but it definitely was not the only thing. I did develop more confidence in talking to women, but I still find it difficult to break the ice.

After watching a new guy who had just moved to Japan, fail repeatedly to pick up a good looking Japanese woman, I realized I had accumulated a lot of knowledge as to how to pick up a Japanese woman. You might be a stud in your own country, but there are definitely certain Japanese cultural traits that you need to learn to be successful.

To help guys new to Japan or who just want to know how to get a Japanese girlfriend, I have put together a free mini-course to explain some of the mysteries of Japanese women.

In the course you will learn:

– the best places to meet Japanese women

– how to break the ice and start a conversation

– how to dress for success

– how to make a Japanese conversation that they will actually be interested in

– what to do even if you can’t speak Japanese

– when is the best time to go out

– where to take your date and make a home run

– much, much, MORE!

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